Missing Home on the Camino

Missing Home while America Sleeps – Camino de Santiago – Day 4

Day 4 Pamplona – Puente la Reina 23.8km/14.79 miles I am proud of myself to have not let the thought of home consume me yet.  I am surprised at how good I really am on my own.  Missing home comes and I let it go quickly.  I know I can’t let any thought linger too […]

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Morning Cafe on the Camino de Santiago

An Angel on my Path – Camino de Santiago – Day 3

Day 3 Larrasoana – Pamplona 15.6km/9.7 miles There is that dreary feeling in the air today.  Heavy rain clouds linger over my head and wait for the perfect time to spring a leak.  This particular morning I awoke with reality on my mind.  The realization of how manic this experience can and will be.  How important it is for me […]

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Roncesvalles - Camino de Santiago

Full Albergue Causes Panic – Camino de Santiago – Day 2

Day 2 Roncesvalles -Larrosoana 27.2km/16.9miles Roncesvalles is still very much a medieval town home to a population of a whopping 30.  It has been servicing pilgrims of all kinds since the 12th century.  I had never been in a hostel or an albergue (hostel for pilgrims) before.  I could not help but imagine conditions that I […]

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Walking Camino de Santiago, Day 1

Walking the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage – Day 1

Day 1 St Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles 25.1km/15.6miles I awoke after a peaceful sleep with just as much excitement and energy to begin walking as the night before.  Weight was my only concern.  I still do not know how much my pack weighed.  I watched as all the other bags lined up next to mine, nonchalantly picking each […]

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Getting to the El Camino

Walking the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage – Getting There

Getting There I knew I wanted to do something big.  Something I will never forget.  A once in a lifetime adventure.  Everything in my life was preventing me from moving forward.  I had to do this to begin the next chapter in my life.  I was prepared to let go of anything that stood in […]

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Road Trip – Port Austin, MI

As I age with what I’d like to think, a little bit of wisdom, I have come to appreciate where I live no matter where it is.  I normally referred to living in Michigan with a sigh, as if living somewhere warmer was better.  Somewhere with mountains, ocean and no dreaded winters.  It wasn’t until […]

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Young Home for the Elderly - Warren, MI

Gail Young’s Story – A Life Dedicated to Young Home for the Elderly

We all want the same thing in life:  to be heard, loved and eventually taken care of when we can no longer take care of ourselves.  We can only hope when we no longer have a voice, are too weak to walk and our minds seem to wander to unknown places, that someone kind enough will […]

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Disadvantages of Multitasking

Cultivate More Passion – Why Multitasking is a Thing of the Past

I remember when multitasking became a desired skill.  I was in college at CMU, learning Excel in a business class.  Somewhere in between my teacher’s rant on relevant work experience and the proper spacing on our resumes, I can remember her stating that we had better learn how to multitask.  I didn’t really understand what that meant […]

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Fear of Happiness

Are You Secretly Afraid of Happiness?

Do you find yourself feeling resentful of those that appear happy?  Do you question other’s happiness?  Do you have feelings of wanting more for yourself?  You could be like me, stuck in self pity mode and fear change.  For years and sometimes still, I find myself resisting happiness.  It’s sometimes easier for me to have a reason […]

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How to Face Your Fears

Why it is so Important to Face Your Fears

Through out life we pick up so many deep seeded fears that most of us are not even aware of.  Our past experiences leave marks and tiny holes where we once felt whole.  We can still feel the sharp stings from hurtful mouths, the disappointment from getting your hopes up just a little too high, and […]

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